Learning Earl Grey

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Its night time, and its one of those nights when i have the opportunity to sip a cup of Earl Grey after a long hard day. Earl Grey is just awesome to taste and I really enjoy sipping it. But there are some funny memories associated with this type of tea as well, primarily due to my lack of knowledge how to make a cup of Earl Grey.

Well, i hail from a family who hasn’t known any other tea but black tea, and the same was transferred to me. The only types of teas i ever experienced most part of my life as our good old black tea with milk and green tea (lemon, jasemine etc). I was naturally surprised and curious when someone gave me some teabags of Earl Grey a couple of years back. I closely examined them, they looked black so i tried to brew then the desi way. poured hot water over it, added milk and sugar and sipped my new tea….
YUCK!!! that tasted like i was drinking from a cup not thoroughly rinsed after being washed by dishwasher liquid. it smelled of “Lemon Max” and probably tasted like it too… and the color was not really dark either.   I thought that my cup was REALLY not rinsed thoroughly so i drained it down the sink and tried to make it again.

Nopes, same fuggly taste, … then I realized that perhaps the tea actually tastes like this and i really didn’t like this taste.

Then, months later, i realized that i was doing it wrong… it was supposed to be made WITHOUT milk.



Since that discovery, Earl Grey has earned itself a prominent spot in the kitchen cabinet where i keep my teas.


High on cheap glue, We judge blue meth

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As Breaking Bad comes to a series finale in the coming weeks, some people in my circle are becoming aware of its existence. Despite me being a fanboy of the series, sometimes i find myself in a deep confusion on what to tell them when they ask about the context.

He: “Hey, I think i should start watching Breaking Bad”.

Me: “Now?”, “its the last season”

He: “Just tell me what it is all about?”

Me: “ummm… its about a good-guy-turned-bad, chemistry guru who decided to start producing drugs to get rich”

He: “and…?”

Me: “Nothing much, just their day-to-day endeavors, and challenges they encounter during the process”

He: “Is that it? and its famous just because of this?”

Me: “yeah?…”

He: “I think i shall pass, doesn’t sound too exciting to me”


I guess i am not convincing enough… but seriously, i would only advice such jerks to not bother watching this show, Heisenberg and Gang is just too awesome to be experienced by these A-holes.

Douchebaggery Level: Pakistan

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Those living in Pakistan must have seen the drama on TV when some douchebag drove right into the high security zone in Islamabad and started an armed sit-in…. after hours of negotiations and helplessness, it took a bloody civilian to step up and grab the guy before our police could take any further action and nab that asshole.

That particular incident actually represents what is wrong with this country:

1 – Self-righteous assholes who think that they can do whatever they want by holding an armed weapon

2 – Incompetent security personnel (especially police) who are not capable of doing what they are supposed to do at check posts.

3 – Insane media, who would go any depth to create sensationalism and ensure their lame-ass conspiracy theories are proved by equally lame-ass evidence

4 – And lastly, civilians who are not only frustrated by the ongoing violence in the country but also delusional after watching so much action flicks that they would rather take matters into their own hands without realizing that a single bullet could end their life then and there.


Anyways, all’s well that ends well… but that is yet another proof how badly fucked-up we are.

European Fit…WTH is that?

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Slim Fit Hell

So I’ve been sick over the past 2 weeks and have been going a little stir crazy. On Sunday I decided that a little retail therapy might help. I went into a local department store here in Louisville called Von Maur. They often have great sales on shoes and shirts (when I can find them in my size). I went thru one of the racks and found an English Laundry shirt that was marked as an XXL. I proceeded to examine the shirt more closely and it looked more like a large vs. an XXL. Being stubborn, I tried to put the shirt on thinking that maybe my eyes deceived me. Clearly they had not. I could barely get the shirt over my shoulders.

A very nice young sales person came over to me and asked if he could help and I mentioned to him that I thought the shirt…

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and they have grown up too…

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As the years have gone by, I have grown up…

but so have these firecrackers that i was so fond of playing with… grown up into mighty fierce bombs whose stories we hear everyday.

Our childhood cravings will haunt us forever.

On Journey’s End

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"I wish nothing of this had happened"
"So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide, all you have to decide is what to do with the time that has given to you. There are other forces than coincidences, and encourage us to think what to do, on the right time"
"I didn’t think it would end this way"
"End? Oh the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take, the grey ring curtain in this world rolls back and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it"
"See what…?"
"White shores. And beyond. The far green country, through a swift sunrise"
"Well that’s not so bad"
"No. It isn’t"


— Conversation between Pippin and Gandalf, The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien



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All they told me was to find my destiny.

Throughout this lifetime i was seeking my destiny… in the books of philosophy, in the holy scriptures from the religions across the globe, in the inbox of my email system, among the chit-chat of the clubs….

but what i called destiny was still buried in a pile of un-approved applications on some official’s desk.