When it rains (dicks), it pours

Its a sandy white beach, deserted too…. you are relaxing there, lying naked with eyes closed and letting the sun shine on your back

Suddenly a wild thundery cloud appears out of nowhere and it starts to rain….. dicks.

yeah, instead of water drops, the cloud bursts into hundreds of thousands of giant erect cocks that whiz through the air like guided missiles and their target is your bare ass which is still unaware of the tragedy that is about to unravel itself while your guard is down.

soon afterwards, the otherwise peaceful state of the beach is disturbed by your screams while you scamper to shelter dodging one dick at a time but letting some other phallus find its target…

ouch! sounds painful


and that is the story of my life nowadays, when it comes to work and personal matters.

~ by burhanahmad on August 19, 2014.

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