Lets ban one more thing

Apart from the rest of the negative reputation that surrounds us, we pakistanis are also good at two other things:

1 – Banning stuff which we don’t agree with (or don’t seem to like)

2 – Cricket

combining these two topics result in “Ban the game of Cricket”, but this is not what i intend to write today.


After the shameful defeat of the national cricket team (shaheens as they call them *cough* *cough*) in the T20 World Cup, the cricket fans (which sums up the 95% of the country’s population1) are ready to blame it on anything that moves. Blame the management, blame the captain, blame the akmal brothers, blame afridi, blame the TV channels for showing too much ads, blame Imran Khan, blame ‘external forces’, blah blah

Being a disappointed cricket fan, i wanna blame someone or something too… I wanna blame “Jawwad Ahmed – the singer” for making a “one size fits all” apologetic song so that the lame tv channels play it after a shameful performance of our team. Seriously, we can tolerate one loss, two or three may be… but losing out like pussies at every critical game and then expecting fans to ‘love’ them back for being such pussies is unacceptable…

Coming back to the the topic of banning something, i demand the government to use its executive banning powers in broader interest of this nation and ban the “Tum Jeeto Ya Haaro” song… that song has been playing in my ears for days and pisses me off every time i hear it.


About Time Jawwad Ahmed (or any other singer) comes up with a new apologetic song so that it could become our team’s anthem for a year or two… till the cycle repeats itself (it always will).


1  This is a totally made up fact

P.S:  All the demands and emotions above are for fun purposes… except Team’s current performance and Jawwad Ahmed’s song. I hate them both.


~ by burhanahmad on April 3, 2014.

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