The Leap of Faith

Watching the movie “Rush” made me wonder the logic behind all these “daring” things we tend to do. Are we all driven by the rebellious desire to achieve the unachievable? or is it just a social ploy to pretend that we have iron balls? I have had my share of these moments as well and this is the story of the last one that made me wonder if living the life means crossing the thin line between adventurism and insanity.

“Jump Now!”, the instructor shouted from down below. I looked down at the 30 feet depth and my legs started to shiver… again. This was the third time that afternoon i had chickened out of jumping from that cliff into the sea below. The instructor, realizing my discomfort ordered me to back the fuck off and asked me not to bother as i don’t have the balls to jump.

“How dare one calls me someone without balls?”, the superman with the giant steel balls inside of me intervened, “I must jump, and tell this instructor i am not a pussy”.
Thus i closed my eyes and took a leap of faith, with the hope that i will land exactly where the instructors wanted me to land as the tide was low and there were underwater rocks that may injure you badly if landed incorrectly or at the wrong place, i also hoped that my overweight bulk might not push me further down into the danger zone, and the biggest hope that after i have survived all this, i will open my eyes and the look of ridicule would have vanished from the face of the instructors, and those fellow jumpers who had apparently more balls than i had… and that i would sit amongst them with my head held high…….
thus i jumped….
I felt the wind, and it lasted for no more than a couple of seconds and a massive splash and a slap on my butt made the air escape from my tightly shut mouth. I had landed, though not the way i had hoped as the pain on my ass felt that i might have hit the water surface incorrectly, but nonetheless i was very much alive. and more than thankful that my ordeal was over and i can now swim back to the boat where the people who were intently waiting (and i learnt that some of them were even betting whether i would jump or not) for my return.

Again, that made me wonder whether it was a wise thing to do? one thing ;positive was that it helped me overcome a barrier of jumping from this height without any safety equipment, but still is it a wise thing to do? A guy who was behind me in the queue, thought the otherwise and came back to the water level by foot. I sometime wonder that he was perhaps the person in control and i just followed the social pressure, that decision could have gotten me injured or worse but in the end i still had my tiny iron balls to show off… the quest was over, but the questions still remain unanswered.

Perhaps i am now too old to follow the adrenaline. time to adopt a safer route.

P.S: The pain in my ass lasted nearly 10 days.

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~ by burhanahmad on December 29, 2013.

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