The Linked-list of Thoughts

“In computer science, a linked list is one of the fundamental data structures, and can be used to implement other data structures. It consists of a sequence of nodes, each containing arbitrary data fields and one or two references ("links") pointing to the next and/or previous nodes.” –Wikipedia

Today, I am posting my similar thoughts. One thought being connected to another different one but we can jump from one to other using keywords.

Well, Today while having lunch, one of the item was Brain Masala. Just looking at the menu, my thoughts jumped from Brain Masala to My friend Murti who LOVED this item. He was one of a savage consumers of this food. Once a week, the canteen at one of my previous offices had this item and that guy used to eat it like savages… “I want brains…, brains!” , he would say… “I want it allllll”. Yeah, Brains also happens to be the favorite food of zombies and by comparing my friend’s behavior when he used to eat that item to the zombies in the movies, I don’t find that much of a difference. So, this means that every zombie likes brains and every one who consumes brains as food is a zombie. right?… Since we pakis can’t eat anything without spices and gravy, the conventional brains was modified to brain masala…. WOW! Now I am going to take a look at my surrounding in a totally different way 🙂

Talking of Pakis (me being a member of the pack), I came across a discussion on the internet where someone from UK was explaining the background of the racial slur “Paki”. Though that racial word in the UK has totally different meaning in this part of the world, but one thing remains common throughout the world and it is: “Pakis are terrorists”. From the crowded metropolis of New York to the freezing ice shelves of Antarctica, the word paki brings cold shivering to who ever listens to the word…. Despite the international interpretation, our definition of the Paki started from the word “Pak” which in Persian/Arabic means “Pure”. hah! So, we are pure right?. Now coming to basic Logic:

If Paki = Pure And Paki = Terrorist,

then we can safely derive: Paki = Pure Terrorist.

WOW!… I am better than the Great John Nash… lol… I need to update this statement on my MSN display statement 🙂

Yet, the thought of MSN takes me to another node of thoughts, and that node is a sad one…. Our company has enforced a software policy which will apply as soon as you restart the PC. and that policy includes blocking of MSN. So, today will be my last day of using MSN at work… ahhhhh sad 😦

The next pointer on this node is NULL, this means that there nothing else to jump to. I am on the last node….. Its time to post this entry and get back to work.




~ by burhanahmad on February 27, 2009.

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