2008 – Yearly Review

Yup, its been half the month of January and I haven’t written a single post. Reason was very simple: My Laziness and somewhat busy schedule. Another reason that kept me from writing was that i wanted to start off January with a complete round up of 2008.

So, despite me sniffing and snorting; For the fourth year in a row, I present to you the Review report of 2008…. tadaaaaaa!
*clap* *clap*

Year 2008 was yet another year of despair and gloom for me. Despite ample joyous moments, the few despairing moments seemed to carry the most of the weight on the average. The year started in utmost despair with the violence slowly subsiding after the assassination of BB whose claim of “democracy is the best revenge” eventually brought none other than Mr. Zardari as a democratically elected president of Pakistan. I was at home when the crazy public started the firecrackers and gunfire to celebrate the new year and i climbed onto the roof to light a cigarette. Thus fulfilling the first of the resolutions for 2008. That day in January… and this day in January, who would say its been more than a year but time just flew! *poof*.

2008 was the year when i started to recover from the gloom i was living in the previous year. Started to take life as it came to me and not to look backward and sigh.

Family Reunions:

As they say “Family First”, I will start with the family matters. I when to my home twice this year, once on each Eid. My family came to visit me only once this summer. So, the number of gatherings have been a bit on the lower side.

Professional Life:

I spent the whole year with a single employer but with different clients. Started the year with me working for Internet banking team. In February, i got transferred to the mobile based banking team where i served till July before coming back to the good old Internet banking team. In November, I moved again to my current deployment – The transformation team.
The intensity of work has been quite ordinary with exceptional fluctuations and a significantly tougher time spent during February and June.
Mostly work done during the year was on .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.0 with SQL and Oracle. Got the opportunity to work on Biztalk Server, NHibernate, CCXML/VXML as new things.

Educational Life:

My studies continued throughout the year. The MBA is finally coming to an end with me starting the year in 3rd and ending the year in last semester. My GPA has been quite acceptable yet. 
Besides conventional studies, I took a course in Project Management and one in Sharepoint Server. 

Love Life:

My This blog post says it all about my endeavors. The year has absolutely been the same as last year.
With me failing miserably, my family has finally started to intervene as they don’t see me being capable of any major success… (If you know what I mean :P)

Friends and Socialization:

Not as good as 2007, but surely i had some few good moments with my friends. I carried on with my old colleagues and current ones and got involved in lots of parties, fun filled evenings and khapa programs.
Though there have been only one official lunch, yet the ‘side programs’ have been sufficient.
I got re-introduced with people whom i thought I would never meet again in this life time.

Monetary Situation:

Both the inflow and expenses during the year increased (drastically). I have been spending a significant portion of my expenses on lunches (and dinners). And I surely was able to contribute to family as well.

Movies n Music:

The ratio of movies continued to rise. Much of it can be attributed to the fact that i got my own LAN connection this year. Watched lots of great movies and listened to great diversified music.  As far as maal masala is concerned, I got a great deal of the stuff this year too.  I also started to watch a few TV serials (I am glad I did). Catched up with Heroes, Supernatural and they were truly amazing to watch.


-Continued my smoking. I changed brand to Dunhill Lights.
-Learnt to drive.
-Continued blogging with the same passion as I always do.
-Integrated WordPress and LiveJournal as two other blogs.


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