For that angry green man

Most of the folks at my work place love Hulk.

We just came to the realization just last week at lunch when we had a lively discussion on Hulk and his adventures. As the Hulk 2 movie was being the latest hit in the cinemas worldwide, we decided to join the party this weekend and went to Capri Cinema in Saddar to watch the show.

The show was to start at 4:00 PM and we reached there well before that, so in order to kill time we started posing in front of other posters and posed as we were a part of the cast. That act caught a lot of attention among the few other visitors as they smiled and laughed at those ‘few crazy dudes’. We photographed while grabbing Meera in the poster, not to forget hugging Sana. Yours truly even posed as he stuck a cigarette in front of Meera’s mouth.. 🙂

The movie itself was just plain ordinary. The Hulk looked rather smart (thanks to advancement in Technology), the cast was totally changed. The action sequences were not that crazy as we had expected. But, the great part was that we killed that boredom by shouting out real crazy and vulgar comments as and when the scene demanded. The only people in the whole gallery who actually laughed out loud were us.

The crowd was very few in number. Almost half of the gallery was empty. I guess Hulk is not one of the popular movies among the masses.

Popular or not, we folks had a great afternoon…. We’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow at office and a few colorful photos to share too 🙂


Time to unleash that big angry green man………….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

~ by burhanahmad on June 29, 2008.

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