A (not so) un-expected observation.

First of all, hats off to the great software called DC++ that has made my life a lot easier on the LAN. Since I installed that software, I have never bought any DVD, all I have to do is to connect to that software and browse any user’s shared stuff where I usually find the movies of my choice. I have explored more music than I ever had to (I was surprised to find some real metal heads in my LAN community where majority were lame bollywood music listeners).

Now, in order to download stuff, you need to share some stuff too (Every DC++ hub has a pre-defined limit, mine had 10GB). So, i shared all my music collection and a lot of great documents. Then I shared my P*rn collection.

For months, i enjoyed while i downloaded stuff (including maal masala) and people uploaded stuff from my machine. Until a few days back, i bothered to look at the statistics of my DC++ client and I discovered that approximately 93% of uploads from my machine were pornos. No one gave a shit to the documents and some decent ones uploaded some music and games.

Well, that makes up the level of mentality of this nation. Every single douchebag wants porn (that includes me) and they get it for free on the LAN.

~ by burhanahmad on June 23, 2008.

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