The Polling Weekend.

So, we are nearing the end of the long weekend that hosted one of the most important effort towards stable democracy for this country in the past few years. We had nation-wide polls held earlier today and by this time the polling is over and counting is underway.

No major incident of law and order was reported throughout the country so we expect that tomorrow will be a normal working day.

I worked my ass off during these two days to finish my e-commerce project and now i am nearing an end to that project as well. Thanks God!

My exams will start from the 5th and with no holiday for Marketing Management. I am already deficient in that course and seems like I am likely to get a D. (A ‘D’ is the last thing I need for the already busted MBA). Seems like i have to start focusing on it from tomorrow after i submit my assignment.


Ok, as it is polling season, I am going to post a few SMSs that I received over the weeks on Musharraf and democracy:

  1. Musharraf’s wife angrily asked Musharraf, “You haven’t fucked me since 12-Oct-1999”.
    Musharraf replied: “Sab se Pehlay Pakistan!”.
  2. 10 saal pehlay tak candle-lit dinner sirf Ameer log hi karte they. Magar thanks to power outage, ab pooray mulk ki awaam ko yeh sahoolat haasil hai,
    Farq to padna hi tha.
  3. 1999: Dulha jahez main Car, AC, DVD mangta tha…
    2008: Dulha nay jahez main Aata aur Electric Generator mang lia.
    Farq to padha hi tha.
  4. A man goes for fishing, catches a big fish and brings it back home.
    Asks his wife to cook it.
    Wife angrily said: “There is no gas, no aata, no cooking oil… How can i cook it ?”
    The man was dejected and he took the fish and put it back in the river.
    The fish jumped out of the water and yelled in joy:
  5. 7 saal pehlay tak mujhe bachi chodnay kay liye jagah dhoondni padti thi,
    Ab to road par kahdi gaadi main chod deta hoon.
    Farq to padna hi hai.

~ by burhanahmad on February 18, 2008.

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