20 minutes of agony

Today, i had one of the most agonizing moments of recent years.

While going to my office on the bus, i just had a spasm of pain in my stomach. The pain started slowly as a hollow ball which moved up towards my chest and i was observing it with patience. The pain grew that much that i was trembling like a fish out of water. I couldn’t but wait on my seat. I would feel my heartbeat fading and could feel cold sweat running down my forehead. Just for a moment, i thought that i was having a heart attack, but i was not ready to believe it.

Somehow, i managed to get off my bus stop at my office building and dragged myself into the building. I was longing to sit down on the footpath and never cared what the people would say a finely suited gentleman sitting down like beggars. but i resisted the temptation and moved on.

Reaching the lobby, i faced the daunting task of climbing to the first floor to reach my office suite and i gave up at that moment. I waited in front of the elevators by leaning against the wall and watched as the people walked past me and climbed the stairs and the elevators. I stayed in this condition for around five minutes with so much pain that those five minutes seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly, just as the pain had begun, the pain seemed to vaporize. In the next couple of minutes i could lift my head and see how i looked, i looked pathetic.  I collected myself and this time, i managed to climb up the stairs and sunk into my chair and taking deep breaths.

During this time, i analyzed the situation and what i had just gone through. Was it really a heart ache ? i doubted that thought. Ok, i have been having a tense time over the past couple of weeks but i have been through tougher times and they were never able to break me, so this could not have been the heart related thing. I have been smoking (another reason of cardiac arrests), but not for long and never too much cigarettes in a day. I thought, but couldn’t reach a decision. May be it was a heart burn that was caused due to problems with my digestions but THAT sure was painful!

Though the pain lasted only for 20 minutes, but I wish i don’t have these problems again.

~ by burhanahmad on February 12, 2008.

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